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At Michigan Tech, this year’s Winter Carnival theme revolves around books, so there’s Harry Potter, "The Little Engine That Could," and a ten-foot-tall toilet celebrating the childhood classic "Everybody Poops." The sculpture that catches our eye, however, has nothing to do with reading. In fact, it’s less of a snow statue and more of a snow speaker cabinet, measuring roughly 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall and holding 68 speakers wired to a 20-kilowatt generator. Photographer AJ Mueller envisions shots with partiers, the speaker wall, and one of our cars, so he interrupts a couple students screwing speakers into their plywood cutouts and proposes we bring the Juke back in a couple hours. "Are you sure you want to do that?" one student asks. "Last year they flipped a car." By 11 pm, the speaker-statue and Ludacris’ "My Chick Bad" have drawn a couple hundred (...)

Citroen C2

Graig - Audio Advice - Scottland

This cool Citroen C2 from Craig was fitted with a full blown MTX Audio system that gives you all the bass and clarity you need without breaking your bank account. When you choose your products carefully and pay some attention to the install results can be better than your wildest dreams. The Install: 2x RT12-04 subwoofers in custom fiberglass sealed enclosures 1x RTS652 component system installed in the original speaker locations in the front doors 1x RT251 mono block amp to power the (...)

RTP4000 - ROADTHUNDER series

Party Pack : RT501 amp + RT12x2DV enclosure


JJ-HiFi - Oulu - Finland

JJ-HiFi MTX distributor for Finland has a world premiére ! Not only did they build a FANTASTIC and INCREDIBLY LOUD car with the new 24" square Jackhammer. It is also the first car in the world to feature the BIGGEST Subwoofer on the planet! Jarmo Forss owner of this Hummer wanted something special installed. The second he mentioned this to Sami from JJ-HiFi, Sami could only think of one thing : JACKHAMMER 24! "It’s insane loud", those are the exact words from Sami after playing some hours with the system installed in the Hummer. But not only is it incredibly loud the car also shows the incredible installation skills from JJ-HiFi. From front to back each part of the car has something special. The front doors are installed with 4x T8652 components. A closer look shows that the mids actually have a ported enclosure to really get every last drop of KICKBASS out of them. (...)

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