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Simon’s MTX Mini "Tee-Hee" featured in Miniworld magazine, UK

Thursday 11 May 2006

Simon’s 1980 Mini Clubman Estate called "Tee-Hee", named after a villain from the James Bond film: Live and Let Die, will be featured in the July 2006 issue of the UK magazine Miniworld.

The article describes how this vehicle evolved from a old worn out Mini Estate into a new Fabulous Competition and Demo vehicle.

The install includes: 2x MTX T7510 Superwoofers 1x MTX T8.6 Component speaker set 1x MTX TH564 4-channel amplifier 1x MTX TH801D Class-D mono amplifier

Each of the two T7500 10" sub has its own sealed enclosure and are both run in parallel and driven by the TH801D amplifier. The complete sub enclosure is motorised allowing Simon to demonstrate the intricacies of the installtion when attending competition. The magnets of the woofers can be seen through 2 plexi windows.

The T8000 6" mid/woofers are housed in acurately calculated sealed enclosures under the dash and the tweeters are located at the base of the A-pillars in special fiberglass molds. The front system is driven by the TH564 amplifier.

Visit Simon’s website for lots of detailed info on this incredible Mini. The website includes a link with more than 300 pictures of the complete build up:


And the link to Miniworld magazine:


Click to download the complete article

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