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MTX put the Thunder into the first car tuning show in Tehran, Iran

Monday 19 June 2006

The first car tuning show in Iran was held in Tehran from May 22nd till 29th with 25.000 car enthousiasts attended this nation premiere car tuning show. MTX distributor for Iran, Jam Corporation was present with a most impressive booth and four Demo cars!

Jam Corp. designed and built a very modern booth displaying many Mitek products such as Thunder and MXA amps, Sledgehammer enclosures, woofers, component speakers and even the MTX TP112 and TP212 Prosumer party speakers. Everywhere at the event you could see MTX banners, posters, stickers and brochures. Even the Jackhammer episode of Pimp my Ride could be watched on a big flatscreen TV.

The four demo cars on display were:

An Oldsmobile from Alireza Zamanian (joint installation of Boom Box and Auto Design shops) with: 4x MXA6004, 4-channel amplifier 2x MXA4004, 4-channel amplifier 1x TH1501D, Class-D amplifier 2x TH502, 2-channel amplifier 8x T5512, High performance woofers 1x T9512, Superwoofer 4x THS 652, Component sets and one pair of TP112 party speakers in the trunk!

Kia from Ramtin Beygi with: 1x TH1501D, Class-D amplifier 1x MXA4004, 4-channel amplifier 1x SLHT7512x2A, sledgehammer enclosure 2x T7512, superwoofers 1x THS652, component set 1x THX693, coaxial set

Alfa Romeo 166 from Arash Shekarian with: 1x MXA 4004, 4-channel amplifier 2x TH342, 2-channel amplifier 1x RT10x3A, tri-sub enclosure 2x THS652, component sets

Toyota Prado from Hossein Kargozar (Installation by Top Stereo shop) with: 1x TH801D, Class-D amplifier 2x TH564, 4-channel amplifier 1x T9515D, Sledgehammer enclosure 2x THS652, component sets

According to Javad from Jam Corporation: "Our presence with 4 cars was the most remarkable in the show, as we had the highest number of cars for any individual exhibitor, we attracted so many visitors that we had the best and boldest booth at the show."

Congratulations go out to Jam Corporation they definitely put the THUNDER in this first car tuning show!

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