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Mazda RX8

Dennis Vallons - Belgium

Monday 31 July 2006

Dennis from Belgium is the proud owner of this incredible Mazda RX8 MTX demo car.

The car shows Denis’ love for power and performance. The RX8 is already special through its rotary engine. This RX8 is even more special with a customized widebody Veilside body kit, the only one in Europe(!) and a nice two tone color scheme.

But it doesnot stop there! A car like this needs an audio install with the same spirit. Denis found only one brand is fit for this task: MTX.

A THS652 and THS502 component set is mounted in the front doors as well as in the rear doors. A THX402 set is used for center channel in the dash and another THX402 set is used for rear fill. Each speaker has a plexi glas ring with LED’s mounted behind it. At the end of the center console is a plexi cover with cut out MTX and triangle logo. The triangle logo represents the cars rotary engine, this triangle logo is used throughout the cars system finish. All LED’s are connected to a "generator" so that the LED’s can flash, the frequency of the flashing can be controlled and can even be set to strobe effect. The strobe effect works very cool with the Aluminium finish of the MTX speakers. Two MXS1204 subwoofers are used for Subbass. The woofers are visible through the plexi cover with MTX and triangle logo at the end of the center console and through the big triangle in the trunk of the car. Three MXA3002 amps are used to power all mids and highs in the car. These amps are visible trough the smaller triangles in the trunk of the car. One MXA8001 amp is used for the subs and this amp is visible through the rear window of the car.

This incredible RX8 is build by Jurgen Depoorter from DEPO, Torhout (Belgium).

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