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Sound And Sign - Austria

Monday 31 July 2006

For 2006 MTX distributor Sound and Sign decided to take their MTX Demo Mini to a different level. Showing how Great a well designed and well installed MTX system can sound.

The Mini was turned back into the stock interior and a simple yet very effective system was designed for the car.

The single T7500 subwoofer is mounted in a specially designed enclosure taking in account that the sub would eventually be powered by a TA5601 amplifier. The enclosure is based on a 44mm thick MDF frame (bottom, rearwall and all side walls) the top is from 25mm thick fiberglass. A 4" aeroport is used as a bass reflex port.

The TXC mid/woofers is build into the stock reinforced locations in the doors and the TXC tweeters are mounted in new fiberglass A-pilars under the exact right angle to provide optimum staging and imaging of the music.

The end result is a incredible dynamic sound sensation working from 28Hz upto 22kHz with a superb soundstage.

The install: 1x MTX T7512-44 Superwoofer 1x MTX TXC 6.1 High End component set for front system 1x MTX TA5601 Class D amplifier to power the sub. 1x MTX TA5302 Class AB amplifier to power the front system. 1x Alpine Headunit/DVD player

All wiring and accecoires from Streetwires.

The MDF Base of the sub enclosure

Sub enclosure with fiberglass top

The enclosure sanded ready for painting

The Mini from Austria

Test fitting the enclosure

The finished enclosure

TA5601 powering the sub fitted in the back of the left seat

TXC6.1 mid/woofer mounted in the door

TXC tweeter mounted in fiberglass A-pilar

TA5302 powering the front system fitted in the back of the right seat

Red illumination of the airvents

Red illumination above the wheels

MTX Energy drink the fuel during the installation

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