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Mégane Coupé

ProStyling - Franck - France

Monday 9 October 2006

What a crazy painting job ! With this extra large Mégane coupé, be sure evryone will look at you in the street. On top, they will hear you coming !

The sound system is completely new, Franck and ProStyling just finished it the night before the Paris Motor Show started.

Franck was very anxious before about the sound result. He tried to make several sound system during the past years. But was without MTX products !

The result in this very difficult car is PHENOMENAL. Bass is deep, the impact is crazy, definition is at the top, stage is at the right place...

The system can play so loud, you have to get out of the car !

Sound System
- HU : Alpine IVAD310RB
- Speakers : MTX TXC4.1 + 6.0
- Amps : MTX TA5302 2x (woofer - mids tweeters) - MTX TA81001 1x (2subs)
- Subs : MTX T7512-04 2x

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