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MTX dealer Source Sounds from Sheffield, UK

Tuesday 17 October 2006

Source Sounds from Sheffield is one of the key dealers for MTX in the UK.

Paul the owner of Source and leader of Team Source is one of the most experienced installers. Over the years Paul and his team have captured numerous first place wins in both domestic and international Sound off competitions. They were the first team from outside the USA to win the IASCA installer challenge in Daytona Beach USA.

This year Paul has added special project to his already incredible list. Paul was chosen to install MTX and Streetwires products into the support vehicles of the BIG FOOT monstertruck team UK. During this years "open house" show from Source BIG FOOT was present to help Paul promote his store and the MTX brand. Paul came up with the idea of showing the public how strong the MTX Sledgehammer enclosures really are by having big foot drive onto a MTX T9512D Sledgehammer enclosure and have it standing on top of it during the entire show.

"Mini Me" is the fun packed MTX demo car from Source. This small car has a complete double audio system installed just to show what is possible with MTX. It features a complete install in the interior of the car and a smaller complete system in the back of the car. To give the car something extra Source has installed lots of light effects and even a laser which projects its images on the woofers installed in the rear of the car. Details of the "Mini Me" systems:
- 4x MTX T8515 Superwoofers in the interior.
- 2x MTX TH1501D amps to drive the T8515 woofers.
- 1x MTX T8.6 component set mounted in the front doors.
- 3x MTX T4510 High Performance woofers in the back.
- 1x MTX TH311D Class D amp to power the T4510 woofers, the amp is located inside the rear subwoofer enclosure and can be seen trough the plexi baffle for the 3x T4510.
- 1x MTX T6.6 component system mounted in the back.
- 1x MTX TH564 amp to power the component speakers in the front and back.
- The extra batteries for powering both systems are also located inside the rear subwoofer enclosure.

For the coming months Source has several incredible MTX projects planned that will surely Rock the UK Car Audio scene.

Chris was afraid the Sledgehammer could not handle Big Foot

Mini Me

Mini Me front subwoofers

The rear subamplifier from Mini Me visible through the plexi baffle

Rear subs from Mini Me

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