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CAR+SOUND Sinsheim 2007

Biggest Car-Audio show in Europe - Sinsheim April 19th-22nd

Tuesday 24 April 2007

We are just back from the biggest Car-Audio Show in Europe !

Like every year, the most important show for the European Car-Audio industry took place in Sinsheim - Germany from April 19th to 22nd.

And as usual, MTX was present with a very large and impressive booth : 4 demo cars, all the current products, plasma screen, displays, everything was there...

The new X THUNDER enclosure line was presented for the first time in Europe. This very compact line of enclosures is available in selaed and vented. You choose which one fits in your trunk ! Very nice designed, these boxes are made out of 19mm MDF, vynil and rubber. The visual effect is impressive. And each enclosure is loaded with an award winning X THUNDER sub. Prices are X THUNDER cool...

Sir Charles’ 7 meters Ford Excursion was a monster compare to the little European demo cars like the Mini or the Smart. Despite this monster truck and its V10 450HP engine, the truck itself was nothing compared to the video sound system : 25 screens, 8 amps, 12 speaker pairs, 4 subs... An incredble TV studio !

You should have come to Meet Jack. He was shaking the roof of Hall #6. A very efficient system was installed in the TeamASC Seat Ibiza. Including two TA92001 4000W amps to move Jack and another TA92001 to slam the two T9512-44... Hot !!!!

Next year, make sure you’ll come to Sinsheim. There is always something to see... and hear ! It is a world of THUNDER...

Sinsheim CAR+SOUND show, he most wanted show in Europe

MTX is a MITEK brand

The MTX booth, in the hall #6

The new mezzanine, in the middle of the 220m2 booth

The COUSTIC dragon !

The biggest Sub on earth ! JackHammer

The best Pimp My Ride episode : Jack in the Car !

Jack from the front : you said Monster ?

Did you say Bass ?


T9515-04 - only chains can support it !

Master of subs

The STREETWIRES display - Accessories at the top !!

StreetWires top of the art products !

At the top, T45 T55 T75 T85 and T95 subs - The best subwoofers line ever !

At the bottom : the X THUNDER enclosure line

X THUNDER 30cm enclosure, vented and sealed

The 25cm X THUNDER enclosure family

T5510x3D - Doctor Jekil & Mr Hide - Quality and power...

T9500 dual 38cm SledgeHammer enclosure

It’s a proud men’s world :) - It’s a THUNDER world

It’s a hard world...

Even the French sound freaks are coming to Sinsheim !

The 2007 MTX Sinsheim Team !

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