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Wednesday 7 March 2007

Rien "The Godfather" from Auto Styling Centrum (ASC) in Holland has created a true MONSTER Demo car with a JackHammer. When Barry the owner of the black Seat Ibiza started talking about how he wanted the most extreme bass in his car, Rien mentioned to him the Nightmare of all woofers: the MTX Jackhammer! Barry liked the idea and a plan for a mean Bass system was made.

Here are some details to get an idea of how extreme a Jackhammer demo car is:
- The enclosure for jack is made of 80mm thick MDF suported by an inner steel structure.
- To keep up with the loud amount of low bass T9512 subs are added to complete the Sub system.
- To find the right Kickbass 8" woofers needed to be used in the doors.
- The midrange is handled by 2x 6"speakers per door.
- The highs come from a high sensitivity tweeter per door.
- The doorbuilds are made from two sheets of 22mm MDF and fiberglass.
- The complete system is active filtered.

The system:
1x T9922-44 Jackhammer in a vented enclosure
2x T9512-44 Superwoofers in a vented enclosure
2x T4508 subwoofers for Kickbass
2x THS652 sets for midrange (only the midrange speakers are used)
2x PH-35 Pro tweeters
2x TA92001 Class-D amps to power Jack
1x TA92001 Class-D amp to power the T9512’s
1x TA7804 Class-AB amp to power the kickbass and mids
1x TA3404 Class-AB amp to power the Tweeters
2x XA25 active crossovers
1x Eclipse Head unit
4x Northstar NSB90 Batteries
All Streetwires cables

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