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Seat Leon

Jon - United Kingdom

Tuesday 3 July 2007

Jon Griggs from BBG, UK needed a car to demo the power of XTHUNDER products. So he ended up talking the system over with Paul from Source Sounds in Sheffield.

Paul came up with a fantastic idea: Lets demo the power of XT by showing the excessive x-over of the XT amps and create a fully active filtered front system just by using the in build x-overs of the X704 4-channel amp. And to make it even better Paul also created 2 front systems in the same car so Jon can switch between a front system located in the doors/A-pilars and a second system mounted in the kickpanels. Of course the bass is also XTHUNDER a XT12AV slotported enclosure.

Jon is very pleased with the way the car turned out. Jon: "unbelievable how well these products can sound if you just use all the options of the amps and other products in the right way".

The system:
- X704 4-channel amp to drive the front system
- X500D mono block amp to drive the sub
- THS652 mounted in the doors (mids) and A-pilars (tweeters)
- THS502 mounted in the kickpanels
- XT12AV slotported enclosure with XT12 subwoofer
- Eclipse Head Unit
- All wiring and accesoires from Streetwires

Jon’s Seat Leon

Custom made door panel with grille mounted

Custom door panel with detached grille

Close up of THS652 mid in front door

Custom made kickpanel with grille

custom made kickpanel with detached grille

THS652 tweeter mounted in the A-pilar

The trunk install

Streetwires powercap to make sure there is enough juice

Alu logo from Source sounds mounted in the trunk

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