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Opel Astra

Tornado Trade - Romania

Thursday 26 July 2007

Tornado MTX distributor for Romania have build an incredible new demo car to demo the top notch quality of MTX products through out Romania.

Tornado took an Opel Astra Coupe as host for the new MTX system. There were only a few criteria to be met:
- The car needs to be LOUD
- The system needs to be extreme
- This car needs to set a new standard for music reproduction in Romania

With these 3 criteria in mind the Tornado team started to design the system for the car. Together with the Technical Support of Mitek Europe the end result is "A new SENSATION" for Romania. The car was introduced at the Extrema Tuning Show at Constanta.

The system:
- 2x TA810001 mono block amps to drive the subs
- 2x TA3404 4-channel amps to drive the front system
- 2x T9512-44 12" Superwoofers each in there own slotported enclosure
- 4x THS652 mids used for Kickbass and tweeters used as Supertweeters
- 2x THX502 used for mids and highs
- 2x 6Farad capacitors
- 2x Stinger Battery
- Alpine Head Unit

MTX logo and tribals on the side of the car

MTX logo and tribals on the hood

Cool official licence plate!

MTX logo inside the car

The front system installed completely in custom made door panels

Front system close up

Close up of the TA3404 amps

Amps and subs

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