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Opel Vectra v1.0

Ronald - Netherlands

Sunday 16 September 2007

When Ronald thought about getting the right Audio for his ride the only real compliment to his nice styled Opel Vectra could be a complete MTX install.

Ronald had a clear vision of what he wanted in his car and therefor finding the right MTX products was an easy yet fun thing to do.

the end result is a compliment to the car and delivered Ronald several trophies in sound of competition.

The install:
- 1x MTX THS652 component set in the front doors
- 1x MTX THS402 coaxial set in the rear doors
- 1x MTX THS652 component set in the hatch
- 2x MTX T5512-04 subwoofers in sealed enclosures
- 2x MTX X504 amplifiers to power all the mid/highs
- 1x MTX MXA6004 amplifier to power the subs
- 1x 5F capacitor
- Kenwood source unit

Ronalds Opel Vectra

The install by night

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