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Arte Suono - Italy

Thursday 8 November 2007

MTX dealer Arte Suono based in Pietrasanta, Italy has build an incredible demo car with the MTX Jackhammer.

Jack has found himself a new home build from MDF and fiberglass inside a VW Golf. Jack’s new "house" is vented using two 4" aeroports and has a plexi rearwindow so you can also see Jack’s "face" since Jack is mounted inverted onto his new "house". To make the install even extremer Arte Suono installed three TXC6.1 sets in each front door and in each rear door a TA8502 amplifier, all door panels are made using MDF and fiber glass. To help Jack out with the upper bass region two T9510 subs are used each in their own vented enclosure.

The install:
- 1x T9922-44 Jackhammer
- 2x T9510-44 Superwoofer
- 6x TXC6.1 high end component set
- 1x TXC5.1 high end component set
- 1x TXC4.1 high end component set
- 4x TA92001 Class-D mono block amp
- 1x TA81001 Class-D mono block amp
- 2x TA91002 Class-AB 2-channel amp
- 2x TA8502 Class-AB 2-channel amp

The result of weeks of hard work:

An extreme looking, insane LOUD, Rock Solid MTX Jackhammer demo car.

Great job Arte Suono!

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