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New Unloaded Sledgehammer Enclosures

Now available

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Remember when MTX invented the Sledgehammer in 2003? It became the most talked about, the most powerful, the loudest, the most wanted bass enclosure on the market.

"Holy Shit !" was not just the marketing behind the sledgehammer but was actually the first thing people would say when they experienced the MTX Sledgehammer.

The favorite for everybody was the SLHT8500 series mostly because of the Stylish High Gloss (Piano) Black front.

Now MTX is going to discontinue the Sledgehammers for the T7500, T8500 and T9500 series and replace them with the new designed unloaded Sledgehammer enclosures.

The Unloaded Sledgehammers feature the High Gloss Black front from the SLHT8500 series and are designed to be teamed up with MTX Subwoofers!

The Unloaded Sledgehammers are available in the following "sizes":
- Single 10"
- Single 12"
- Single 15"
- Double 12"
- Double 15"

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