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Opel Astra Coupé

TeamASC - Netherlands

Friday 14 March 2008

The team from Auto Styling Centrum (ASC) in the Netherlands took on a second Jackhammer install.

Clint member of TeamASC got really Bass hungry in 2007 and decided that the only way to still his appetite was getting a serious Jackhammer install in his Opel Astra Coupé.

Rien "The Godfather" owner of ASC has a degree in the fine art of creating bass. Put Rien and Jack in a small room and you are 200% sure something really loud will be the end result. In this case a real earth shaking, show stopping, powerfull and loud end result. During the PTS 2008 in Paris Clint and Rien showed everyone who attended that Jack is mean and real by demonstrating that this new twisted demo car can play at a really high volume for 13 hours straight!

The install:
- 1x MTX T9922-44 Jackhammer in a vented enclosure
- 4x MTX T9510-04 Superwoofers in a vented enclosure
- 6x MTX TA92001 Monoblock amps to power Jack and the T9510’s
- 1x MTX TA7804 Class AB amp to power the front speakers
- 4x COUSTIC CS652 midwoofers for kickbass
- 1x COUSTIC CX402 for midrange and highrange
- 1x COUSTIC T19NEO tweeters
- 1x MTX LSX-1 active x-over
- 1x Eclipse 5425E Source Unit
- 4x Northstar Batteries
- All Streetwires cables and accesoires

An incredible job done by ASC for the proud owner of the car Clint better known as "Clintjuh!" www.autostylingcentrum.nl

Jack Inside

Rien "The Godfather" next to his creation

Special badges on the doors of the car

Jack and his mates

Door build

Source unit

Amp rack

Owner Clint with girlfriends

Jacco (Mitek EU), Clint (Owner) and Rien (The Godfather)

Rien’s verdict

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