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Brian’s Custom Audio - Netherlands

Monday 25 August 2008

Brian’s Custom Audio from the Netherlands is know for his attention to detail and quality of each install. Of course it is no wonder that Dutch Pro Soccer players are hooking up with Brian’s to get their cars fitted with top notch car audio installs.

One of the examples of attention to detail is this Toyota Landcruiser install. From Custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosures to replacement of all original Toyota logo’s Brian’s Custom Audio has done it all.

This Landcruiser has all custom made parts to completely meet the demands of its owner. Factory head unit was replaced by an aftermarket one but fitted in a such a way it could have come from the factory like this. The entire roofliner was redone to be able to accomodate two 10" flipdown screens for the rear passengers. In the back a complete MDF and fiberglass based install was created finished in Leather to accomodate the amps, subs x-overs and powercaps of the install. To finalize all original logo’s from Toyota were replaced with custom made Brian’s "B" logo’s.

The install:
- 2x T9512 Superwoofers
- 2x TXC6.1 High End component speakers
- 2x TXC6.0 High End midbass speakers
- 1x TA92001 Class-D Mono block amplifier
- 1x TA7804 Class-AB 4-channel amplifier
- 1x TA7402 Class-AB 2-channel amplifier
- 1x Kenwood Source unit and dvd player
- 2x 10" flipdown screens

All the MTX products for the Landcruiser

The beginning of one of the sub enclosures

Beginning of the installation in the back

One of the doorboards during build up

One of the doorboards during build up

Test fit of the doorspeakers

The new wheels have arrived

Is it a mirror??

10" flipdown screen mounted

The new source unit

Finished doorboard

Tweeter mounted on one of the doors

T9512 close up

Brian’s logo in the back

Install in the back of the car

Fan for aircirculation for the amps

Prism EFX in Brian’s favorite color : green

Creating the Custom new logo’s

Looks great

Mounted on the car it looks even better

New custom logo on the grill

New custom logo on the back

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