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Tuesday 26 August 2008

Earlier this year Audio Advice was playing with a new idea called "Mission 22" Now it has finally become clear what this "Mission 22" meant!

It was a new website featuring a brand new install in a VW Golf III. The install is next to insane and the attention to detail is as high as on every other Audio Advice installation.

What is special this time? Well lets say the UK finally really met Jack, Mr Nightmare of all woofers. The guys from Audio Advice really build a magnificent home for "The Brothers of Mayhem" Jack and two T9512’s.

The install:
- 1x MTX T9922-44 22" Jackhammer
- 2x MTX T9512-44 12" Subwoofers
- 2x MTX T812-44 12" Subwoofers
- 2x MTX THS 652 6.5" Components
- 1x MTX THS 502 Axials
- 4x MTX 92001 Class-D Mono Block amp
- 1x MTX 81001 Class- D Mono Block amp
- 2x MTX 3404 Class-AB 4-channel amp
- 1x Alpine CDA-9884R & iPod CONTROLLER
- 3x Hawker heavy duty batteries
- 200Amp custom made heavy duty alternator
- Custom made brass buzz bars for power distribution
- Streetwires cables
- Dynamat Sound deadening
- 6" thick MDF sub box enclosure - designed by Jacco Kaper Head Technical Honcho @ MTX Europe

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