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New 2008 THUNDER Amps available now!

Friday 14 November 2008

The new 2008 THUNDER Amps are now available in Europe. This incredible new amps line will put a whole new meaning to the THUNDER. With brand new technologies and patents this line is the best line of amps to ever be created by the MAD SCIENTISTS from the Mitek R & D department. The line is build up out of 3 Class-D Mono Block amps, 1 Class-AB 2-channel amp and 1 Class-AB 4-channel amp.

Some new THUNDER facts :
- Accurate Bridge Balance Technology (ABB) on TH4000D and TH1500D
- Adaptive Class-D Technology on TH800D, TH1500D and TH4000D (patent # US06753729)
- Xtant Technology Cooling (XTC) on all models
- Pure N-Channel Technology final stages on all models (Patent # US05631608 and US05783970)
- Efficient Auto-Former (EAF) on all models (patent # US05598325)

More details on the new THUNDER Amps

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