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TH1500D "ABSOLUTE TOP CLASS" according to German magazine Car&Hifi

Wednesday 17 December 2008

The brand new TH1500D Class-D mono block amplifier was tested by one of the leading caraudio magazines in Europe: Car & Hifi from Germany.

Some quotes from the test:

- "With the name MTX for many people the word "Bass" comes to mind...."

- "Many people for sure know the legendary Jackhammer, the biggest, boldest, baddest Subwoofer in the world. But also in electronics the repuation of MTX is excellent - they are known as pioneers in the area of Switched Amps. 1998 they introduced the first Car Audio Class D amplifier. A large research team of "Mad Scientists" (own quotation of the team) makes sure that the amps are always technically uptodate...."

- "Even if the design is plain it gives the first impression that this a serious gear. This impression is patronized by the proper weight. The outside design also looks plain because there is no visible heatsink. This is good for a integrated visual appearance but the question is: What happens to the heat.......to find out we have to open this nice piece"

- "Indivudal. Super, the design is totally independent and the answer to our question comes after a few looks. The MOSFETs are mountet on a bar with heatsinks. On top two vents are blowing away the heat from the housing...."

- "...But there is more to see. The LC filter that is needed for a ClassD amp comes in dual design......therefore one needs a good power supply. In the Thunder amp it is also intelligent. The switching frequency is changed depending on the output power. The reason is to keep away the music signal from FM frequencies."

- "...the examination of the MTX was a lot of pleasure. The amp comes with features that are not found in mainstream products..."

- "Laboratory Check ....now it gets serious for the first time. But no matter what we do to her - she is just laughing about it. Without problems the power is blasting out of the amp and it does not stop until 675 Watts into 4 Ohms are reached. This is much more then the manufacturer rating of 500 Watts. Into 1Ohm our screen shows 1,7 KW. With all the measurements it was respectable that it took quite a while until at least warm air came from the amp. This means that the efficency of the amp is very high. We appreciate this very much. The batterie will be thankful. We canceled our full power test after ten minutes - it was boring. The Thunder accomplished this permanent stress without any problems. We did not want to wait eternaly. Damping factors beyond 400 prove that the fairy tale that ClassD amps have no control is not true anymore....."

- "Enourmous ...Wow, it does not matter what kind of woofer the TH1500D has to drive. No matter how high the mass to move, no matter how hard the restraint of the woofer is. The amp catches on. This fits perfect to the powerful woofers from MTX. Driving "normal" and audiophile woofers she continues to play that way. The sound stays dry, controlled, and the amp is blessed with enough power in reserve to play even enourmous dynamic deep bass leaps...

- "Conclusion ...In an impressive way MTX announces that they are planning to "attack" the friends of ambitious bass. The Thunder TH1500D convinced with stability, individual and brilliant working technology and last but not least with the thing that bass loves most: Power!

- Absolute top class

- "sophisticated, individual and powerful. The TH1500D is a true Bass Hammer!"

Test report - TH1500D in Car&Hifi 1/2009
PDF - 2,8MB

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