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Zanetti Hi-Fi new show room inauguration

Bergamo - Italy - Septemer 29th 2008

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Umberto and Onorino Zanetti created something exclusive. As always pictures can say 1000 words and video even more! In short they created the car audio retail store of the future!

So two thumbs way way up for Umberto and Onorino Zanetti for their incredible new way of promoting sound reproduction. Its refreshing, inviting, different from the rest, ahead of time...

A big thank you also goes out to Bugli from AudioDesign, MTX distributor for Italy.

If you have a chance a visit to Zanetti HI-FI is certainly worth your time.

24124 Bergamo (BG) - 6, via Galimberti
Tel : 035 362795

From left to right : Luca Bugli (AudioDesign), Umberto Zanetti, Pierre Pariente (MTX), Onorino Zanetti

Umberto, Pierre and Onorino in front of the MTX RT12DV, RT251 and T815-22

MTX XT12x2 enclosure next to the Prosumer speakers and the CarAudio THX coax speakers on display

The CarAudio section

An MTX T9515-44 next to the famous MTX RFL152

The right place to compare the head unit you need !

Boat equipment ? Of course...

Be happy :)

Bergamo Museum of modern art ?.... No, Zanetti Hi-Fi !!

Pierre in front of the home hi-fi section

Home High End Hifi

How to hide a flat screen...

See the bedroom at the back and the livingroom at the front... You’re in the home section.

Brands carried by Zanetti

Car installation center : clean and big ! Good working conditions

Zanetti working with Taxi equipment

30 Taxis to be precise...

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