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New Square subs available now

Tuesday 17 March 2009

MTX is proud to anounce that Bass will never be the same again! Bass reproduction is taken to the next level with the introduction of the brand new THUNDER6000 and THUNDER8000 square subwoofers.

Using patented technologies (US Patent #7,275,620) to optimize cone excursion, in other words the best idea ever to create LOUD POUNDING BASS. Carefully selected materials like Fiber Glass not only make these new woofers sound incredible but they also make them look stunning and powerfull.

Have a closer look at these new subs with hot new features like:
- Tripple stacked magnets
- Glassfiber cones
- Dual 2 and dual 4 Ohm versions
- High excursion upto 4cm peak to peak!
- Die cast baskets on the T8000
- Incredible powerhandling upto 2250W!

And probably the best feature : AVAILABLE NOW!

Check out the new THUNDER6000 squares

Check out the new THUNDER8000 squares

T610S Cone

T610S Back

T610S Side view

T812S Cone

T812S Back

T812S Side view

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