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Introducing The JackHammer2 24", Size matters

Monday 23 March 2009

Engineers at MTX are often metioned as "The Mad Scientists" and are known for their wicked different way of thinking.

So what happens when they are caught up in a discussion if size matters?... They will prove to the world that : Size matters! In 2005 they already made a huge statement by designing the Biggest Production Subwoofer, The Nightmare of all subs: THE JACKHAMMER.

So what could they do to prove size matters well simply by showing everyone that a 22" 160kg subwoofer is small! At the CES2009 in Las Vegas MTX was proud to introduce the JACKHAMMER 24. If other subs thought they had nightmares before wait till you meet the new Sir Jack. A 24" Square subwoofer weighing 180kg with a striking 5cm Xmax (one way linear). The output of this new Turbo Bass Engine is equal to 6x 15" T9500 subs! The dual 2 Ohm configuration of the voice coils makes it very easy to team this Monster up with the right Amplifier.

When it comes to mindblowing, bone rattling, retina detaching Bass The JACKHAMMER 24 proves that size matters!

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