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Honda Civic

Extreme Audio - Hungary

Wednesday 27 May 2009

Extreme Audio - MTX Distributor for Hungary. Extreme Audio is also the best way to describe the newest MTX demo car for Hungary.

A Honda Civic transformed into a mean Music Machine. A MTX Xperience you can hear from miles away. Crystal clear crisp Mids and highs coming from T8000 separates used for the front system. With devastating bass tones produced by T8000 round subs installed in a custom enclosure. THUNDER amps create the juice for all the speakers and subs.

The installation is stunning with great eye for detail. Extreme Audio is the right way to describe this car.

The install:
- 3x T810-22 subwoofers in a custom enclosure
- 4x T8652 separates for the front system
- 1x TXC4.1 separates for the front system
- 1x THS652 for rear fill
- 1x TA7801 to power the subs
- 1x TA91002 to power the front kickbass
- 1x TA3404 to power the front mid/high
- 1x TA3404 to power the rear speakers
- Audison processor
- Alpine headunit


Install diagram

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