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Audio Advice - Northern Ireland

Wednesday 22 July 2009

INSANE LOUD! That was all Audio Advice from Portadown (NI) had to work with when they had to build this Ford Fiesta.

So first the front system 4 component sets should be LOUD! so new doorpanels were made. Than to power the front speakers 2 4-channel amps were used. Now BASS POWER : 3x T9500 15" subwoofers in a vented enclosure!

Extra Batteries and Alpine source unit, TFT screens and iPod connection completed the install.

Is it INSANE LOUD? Well the windshield cracked while having a party and playing some Drum and Bass music with the system....

The install :
- 3x T9515-04 15" Subwoofers
- 4x THS652 component sets
- 2x TA92001 Class-D mono block amps
- 2x X704 4-channel amps
- Alpine source unit and screens
- Streetwires
- Odysey batteries


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