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Dodge Ramvan

John - TeamASC - Netherlands

Wednesday 27 October 2004

The Black Dodge from John Struyer and Rien "The Godfather" Overkamp from TeamASC.

From build up to finish! The story of the 159,8dB car with only 8 of the 16 Amps used! Vice European Champion of 2004 Superstreet 3-4 dB-drag.Installing all 16x MTX TH81000D amps and 2x MTX LSX-2 x-overs and batteries. Installing a 300kg steal skeleton for the Sub enclosure made from 10cm thick MDF. Ending with the install of 4x MTX T9515-44 Superwoofers and a lighted MTX Audio sign (under the amps in the back of the car).

installing the amps

connecting the amps

connecting the amps

x-overs under the amps

the batteries

"The Godfather" welding the steal skeleton

first part of the steal skeleton installed

another part of the steal skeleton in place

4x T9515-44 installed

amprack with lighted MTX Audio sign

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