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Classic Mini Cooper


Friday 29 October 2004

This Mini Cooper is not only fast but Loud also.
The install is build with Classic MTX products:

2x MTX T6104 subwoofers in a sealed enclosure
1x MTX TH500D to drive the subs
1x MTX T8.5 component set for front speakers
1x MTX TH302 to drive the component set

The amps and subs are constructed to replace the back seat. The picture shows the install without the amp and sub covers, with the covers in place it looks like the original backseat of the Mini.

The Mini

The MTX Audio back seat

Retro dash with the T8.5 set
  • Frederic Houis > > Classic MTX install in a ’89 Mini Cooper - Holland
    Who was the owner ?? :)

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