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International Tuning Salon in Mechelen (Belgium)

Tuesday 2 November 2004

Come & see some pictures of this big event
The international Tuning Salon took place in Mechelen (Belgium) from 30 october to 1 november 2004. With nearly 80.000 visitors on 3 days this is the biggest tuning event in Benelux, far away. Extraordinary cars were presented (Porsche, Bugatti, original cars from Fast & Furious, prototypes, ...) and many "hand made" high level tuned cars. The big trend this year were the Lamboghini Countach type doors. We saw there many Golf, BMW and others with that type of doors (see the pics). MTX was there, represented by our dynamic distributor with a huuuuge Ford galaxy station wagon equiped with a huuuuge 2 x 38 cm Thunder 9500 Sledge Hammer bass box and a fantastic VW Golf Break with Sledge Hammer Thunder 5500 2 x 30 cm (same color as the car itself). On many other booth we could see MTX installs made by true fanatics. MTX was probably the other trend of this show !

The Huuuge Ford Galaxy 1973
The only bass box we could place in that car was the biggest : SLHT9515x2d !

The Huuuge Ford Galaxy 1973
Another view of our Ford Galaxy with, as background, the Porsche of the legendary belgian race car tuner : Heinz

Golf Break
This Golf was made by Christophe. Sledge Hammer box (5500) and cover of the amps were painted with the same color as the car

Golf Break
The dashboard of the Golf is ... the dash board of an Audi TT !

Golf Break
The front view of the Golf Break. Disk brakes are from a Porsche 911 !

MTX booth
A view of our MTX booth

MTX Booth
The MTX booth with the rear of the VW Golf Break

MTX booth
The explosed view of the Thunder 9500 12" DVC on the MTX booth

"another" MTX booth
One of the numerous booth showing the MTX colors

Ford Mustang
The beautiful Ford Mustang as seen in "Fast & Furious"

Fast & Furious
The cars from "Fast & Furious"

Tuned car

Lamborghini style doors

The beautifull BMW Z3M on the MTX booth

Porsche race car

VW tuned car

semi-race tuned car

tuned car

Cabrio with Lamborghini style doors

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