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MTX Audio co-starring in the movie: TrippleX-2, The Next Level

Tuesday 23 November 2004


The 2004 SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show was the debut of the newest creation from the master installers at MTX Audio. This year, MTX has blurred the lines between creativity and insanity by crafting a one-of-a-kind 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche that is nothing short of mind-blowing. This hot new vehicle will be featured in „XXX2: The Next Level," the sequel to the Vin Diesel movie, „XXX."

The Avalanche looks like a hooked up ride from the outside, but inside is where the real action is. MTX Audio products provide the sound for the vehicle that delivers heart-pounding bass that shakes the windows of houses 4 blocks away. The Avalanche has been completely outfitted with four MTX Thunder 7500 12" woofers, two Thunder 4500 8" woofers, five MTX MXA series amplifiers, and six sets of MTX component speakers along with four MTX TP112 Pro Audio compression horns. This insane amount of equipment serves to provide the beats on the streets with a volume greater than what you might hear in even the hottest dance clubs.

The writers of the movie envisioned having a fully-functioning DJ booth aboard a Chevy Avalanche and chose MTX to make it happen. The goal was to create a vehicle that could be driven onto the scene that would provide the DJ with a place to mix, spin vinyl, and vibrate the streets. To make the vision come to life, the roof of the vehicle was removed and a custom Street Beat rag top was installed to allow for the gear. A mixing station complete with digital mixer, cameras, DVD/ CD players, and wireless mic sit on motorized actuators to raise and lower into the truck using a custom scissor lift system. Twenty-six inch Giovanna wheels, custom metal work, video screens, strobe lights, and fog machines were installed to make the Avalanche as much like a night club as a truck can be. At a touch of the remote, this whip drops the tail and windows to reveal the woofers while the DJ booth pops through the top and video screens expose themselves from all over. James Bond could only fantasize about going from stock to rock in 30 seconds like this latest ride from MTX. All of the additions (including the reinforced dancer platform/bed cover complete with brass pole) and the exterior of the vehicle make the truck a jaw-dropping spectacle.

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