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Team Xtant members smoke the competition at IASCA finals

Wednesday 24 November 2004

IASCA Finals are over and after all the smoke settles, Xtant Car Audio is left standing tall. On November 13th and 14th at the Louisville International Convention Center in Louisville, Kentucky, the best sound systems of the world convened to decide once and for all (well until next year anyway) who had the best car audio system in their class. Team Xtant was in full force at this event with seven cars, all of which finished in the top five.

Jeff Smith of Atlanta, GA captured the Street X 601+ class by an unheard of 25 point margin (343 pts) to take his 1st IASCA World Championship. Jeff’s 96 Honda Accord with nine Xtant 1.1i amplifiers, MTX Thunder 1501D amplifier, two MTX Thunder 8500 15” Superwoofers and StreetWires accessories was by far the most dominant car at IASCA Finals and his score proves it. This is not really a surprise to Smith because he has been winning competitions all over the country all year long such as Spring Break Nationals and Steel Valley Regionals. He also has a SLAP National Championship under his belt as well along with numerous best of show awards.

Natan Budiano also placed 1st in the Street X 1-600 watt class winning his class by a 35 point margin with his newly built Toyota Echo with Xtant 2.2, 4.4, and 6.1 amplifiers, one MTX Thunder 5500 8" and two Thunder 8500 12" Superwoofer. Budiano expressed great satisfaction and pride when asked about his IASCA World Championship title. “It feels great to take home the World Champion title in this class and achieving this with a newly built system makes it even more special! I would like to thank my sponsors, Xtant, MTX, and Streetwires. Without the high quality products these companies give me, I would not be accomplishing these results. I would also like to thank all of the Team Xtant group for their support.” Budiano’s wife, Emma, also competed in the finals and placed third with her Suzuki Swift GTi in Pro Street 1-600.

Team Xtant members Tyrone Chestnut, Calvin Thomas, Bob Johann, and Anthony Davis also brought home hardware in their respective classes. Chestnut finished the weekend in 5th place in Ultra pro 1-600, Thomas in 2nd in the Pro Street 601+ class, Johann picked up a 3rd place trophy in the Expert Street 1-600 category, and Davis placed 4th in the Ultra Pro 601+ division.

Congratulations to all Xtant team members on a great season full of championship titles in car audio competitions from various car audio sanctioning bodies. Look out for Team Xtant members at USACi Finals this weekend in Kansas City, KS.

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