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Chevy S10

Jason Kranitz - USA

Wednesday 15 December 2004

If you‚ve been paying attention to MTX‚s Biggest Baddest Boldest Installer Contest, you‚re probably quite familiar with Jason Kranitz‚s name.

Kranitz created this truly innovative install in a 2003 Ford Excursion. For comfort of driving, the customer, who is 7 feet tall, needed a new center console in his truck. Kranitz took advantage of this new addition and gave the truck teeth-rattling bass that took up no additional room. To accomplish this, he placed two MTX Thunder7510-04 Superwoofers in down-firing plexi enclosure which enables the installation to be seen on both sides of the console. The outer shell of the console was constructed out of fiberglass and incorporated the factory cover and cup holders. The factory storage of the console was cut down three inches to accommodate the rear section of the subwoofer enclosure and then the entire console was wrapped in vinyl that was color-matched to the factory vinyl already in the truck. The juice to the system was provided by an MTX Thunder801D amplifier and Thunder404 amplifier that live under the middle row of seats in the vehicle. The sleek finish-out of the install was accomplished by the addition of a cover panel constructed to hide the wires and make the installation blend seamlessly with the rest of the truck.

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