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Honda Civic "Rise of the Machines"

Alejandro Negrete - Mexico

Monday 20 December 2004

It took Alejandro and his team over a year to build this phenomenal install using: 6x TH942 amps, 2x T9512-44 superwoofers and 2x 10" MTX T8000 sub-woofers.

Using state of the art technology, they developed a system capable of operating the entire audio, lighting and even the vehicle itself at the touch of a pocket PC. The theme is based on an MTX manufacturing plant of the future using "Terminator" type robots. Motorization of the process is unique as everything from the capacitors to the amplifiers have a motion of its own to create an incredible effect. The steering wheel was moved to the center of the vehicle and all of its components were created exclusively for this automobile. The main robot speaks and replies to the multiple commands that control the system at the same time that spins its head. One of the more difficult parts of the project was the creation of the "Incredible Sound Stage" in which 2 MTX 8000 sub-woofers were mounted on the frontal area of the floor. In order to accomplish this task the entire interior of the vehicle had to be changed and the dashboard as well as the seats were rebuilt. The customized driver’s seat is, of course, motorized; however, the toughest challenge was undoubtedly relocating the pedals, transmission and the "stick-shift" so that the automobile could be driven comfortably from the center.

  • Frederic > > Alejandro Negrete’s -Rise of the Machines- install, Mexico
    What a demo car !!! Congratulations, this car should fight for the installer contest.
  • > Alejandro Negrete’s -Rise of the Machines- install, Mexico
    viva mexico cabrones

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