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Alejandro Negrete’s - Rise of the Machines-

Monday 20 December 2004

From Mexico:

In the extremely competitive market of auto sound, it becomes very difficult to create something regarded as unique, innovative and at the same time capable of leaving its mark. Nobody knows this better than Alejandro Negrete, the person in charge of such an ambitious task. Every year he faces this challenge and every year he relies on MTX products for each and all of his projects which in turn have been seen around the world, earn him multiple awards including the USACI Competition spirit award and have been featured in magazines as far as Japan. He never hesitates to use MTX products as he trusts its performance.

His new achievement has taken him over a year to build. Alejandro and his team used 6 TH942 amplifiers,2 T9512-44 superwoofers and 2 10" MTX T8000 subwoofers. To create a -Rise of the machines- install.

Details and pictures of the install can be found here

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