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Renault Super 5 "The Myth"

Jesús Marín Saez - Spain

Thursday 23 December 2004

Installer and shop owner Jesús Marín Saez turned his
Renault Super 5 into a phenomenal demo car nick named "The Myth".
MTX Audio products were chosen to make this car sound incredible.
The installation skills of Jesús Marín Saez and the use of fiber glass make this demo car look phenomenal.
The install:
2x TH1501D amps for the subs
2x TH502 amps for the front and rear
4x T8124 subwoofers
2x T8.6 component sets
1x T6.6 convertible set

Jesús Marín Saez and his ’Myth’

A view of the back

The front of the myth

The back of the Myth
  • > Renault ’the Myth’ Super 5, Spain
    :-) el mejor super 5 que he visto en mi vida es excelente...

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