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"Vibrating" Benteley

Petey Pablo - USA

Wednesday 19 January 2005

Working with master installers at Sound Sensations in Atlanta, MTX created the ultimate vibrating ride. “The install was a challenge to lay out”, said Big E, Sound Sensations top installer. “When building a car for use in a music video you have to try to find a balance between what’s believable and what’s not. Our goal was to pack this vehicle to the gills with gear to make it pound while still maintaining the classy look that inherently comes with driving a Bentley.”

At first glance, the most noticeable part of the installation was the wall of eight Thunder4500 10” High performance woofers placed directly behind the driver’s seat, which can be seen throughout the video. Also included are six pairs of 6532 6“ coaxial speakers in the passenger cab along with two more pairs of 6532 coaxials, four Thunder1501D and four Thunder684 amplifiers placed in the trunk.

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    how much watts is the whole sound system?

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