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MTX and STREETWIRES add two block Bass to D.A.R.E. vehicle

Tuesday 1 February 2005

Typically, if you‚re a citizen standing beside a police patrol vehicle, it’s probably not by choice. But if you travel to Cape Girardeau, MO, you’ll see one police vehicle that kids and adults alike are swarming around, the patrol car driven by Officer Jeff Bonham. His 2002 35th anniversary edition Camaro Z28 is loaded with MTX subwoofers and amplifiers, a gaming system, a plasma TV and loads of other goodies. As you can probably gather, this isn’t a typical patrol car.

It all started with one guy’s desire to spread awareness to kids in his community about the dangers of drugs. As the person in charge of the local chapter of the D.A.R.E program, Jeff was looking for a way to get kids excited about leading healthy, drug-free lives. That’s when he dreamed up the idea for this block-rockin‚ Camaro patrol car. After a rigorous fundraising campaign gathering $10,000 in donations with the leftover cost of the vehicle donated by Chevy, Jeff had his new patrol vehicle and was ready for a custom installation.

„Jeff came to us and asked us to build something kind of unique that would attract the kids," said Regan Swan of JCS Tel Link, the installer on the project. „We immediately thought of MTX for the sound system because we wanted to use something cool that the kids would want to buy."

MTX was more than happy to help. Donating a system complete with four MTX Thunder6000 series subwoofers, two sets of T6.5 component speakers, a Thunder1004 amplifier, a Thunder1501D amplifier, and StreetWires wiring, MTX helped create a car that grabs the attention of kids and adults of all ages. Everything in the vehicle except the bracket to hold the stereo was one of Regan’s handmade creations. A Fiberglas and suede enclosure houses the four woofers and lives in the hatch of the vehicle with the two amplifiers and plasma screen mounted to the top. After almost 700 man hours were put into this vehicle to make it the coolest in its class, Officer Bonham was ready to hit the road.

„Everyone is really impressed with the audio system in the hatch," said Bonham. „I go to different schools teaching D.A.R.E. or if I’m out on the street, I can also use the car to take a call. I feel blessed and honored to be able to drive this police car and that companies like MTX helped make it all happen."

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