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MTX introduction in Denmark

Thursday 17 February 2005

14th and 15th of Febuari new Distributor for MTX and Streetwires Bulow & Co. organised 2 special evenings to introduce MTX and Streetwires to the most important caraudio dealers in Denmark.

It was clear to all who attended that these evenings were all about MTX and Streetwires. MTX and Streetwires products were on display through out the presentation room. MTX banners could be seen all around and MTX penant flags lead the way from the entrance toward the presentation room. To impress everyone a Nissan Primera was fitted with a TH1501D amp and a TH9500 Sledgehammer enclosure with a single 10" Superwoofer connected to the OEM system. The Sledgehammer Bass was so impressive that nobody believed it was only a single 10"!

During the presentation dealers could win Streetwires multi tools and everybody was give a "Holy Shit!" MTX Sledgehammer T-shirt.

A great Kick-off in Denmark.

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