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Technical MTX training in Dublin, Ireland

Friday 25 February 2005

22nd of Febuary MTX and Streetwires distributor for Ireland AV Import organized a Technical training day for their Top installers.

The training was all about the Technologies behind the MTX products and what is real Bass inside a car. Technologies like SPV, ALDS, CET and ClassD were explained during a Keynote presentation in the morning. After a great lunch the training day was continued in the installation bay. The group was devided into 2 teams. Each team had to install and adjust a TH1501D and SLHT8512D using Streetwires cables and acc. into a new BMW 3 series. After the install all different aspects of installing a Sledgehammer and amp into a car were discussed and explained as well as the art of system adjustment. When the system was adjusted correctly each team member was taken on a fantastic "Sledgehammer Bassride" in the BMW. It was clear nothing hits like a Sledgehammer driven by the right Thunder amp.

A great day with lots of fun!

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