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Barry from Team ASC sets a new Dutch EMMA ESPL record

Wednesday 11 May 2005

During the EMMA ESPL competition at Full Speed in Rosmalen Netherlands, Team ASC newest member Barry set a new ESPL record end took home a first place trophy.

Only a few months ago Barry visited Auto Styling Centrum (ASC) in Breda complaining about the bass in his car. Barry managed to blow every woofer because no woofer was able to still Barry’s hunger for BASS! Rien "The Godfather" hooked Barry up with 2x T9515-44 Superwoofers promissing Barry insane Bass but also that Barry would not blow these. To give the T9515’s the best possible enclosure each woofer received the sledgehammer enclosure that is recommended in the specs sheet incorporated with each woofer. The 2 enclosures replace the backseat of Barry’s Black Seat Ibiza. After a first test run Barry was literaly blown out of his seats by the 2 new T9515’s.

Barry who had run in competition befor hoped to reach at least 140dB playing Music during the EMMA ESPL competition. Imagine the surprise when Barry saw the 148,5dB showing up when he played the selected music track in the lane! But Barry was not the only one surprised by the score. EMMA judges couldnot believe this score as it was the highest ever reached during EMMA ESPL in the Netherlands.

Congratulations to Barry and Rien "The Godfather"!

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