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New MTX TA5601: A solid amp that can be used by and tailored to anyone’s needs

Wednesday 11 May 2005

Performance Auto & Sound Magazine, USA has tested one of the new 2005 Thunder amps, the TA5601. Here are some quote’s from the test report:

"The amp features a new thermal management system called XTC and new PrizmEFX lighting to add some serious style."

"There is a second mode for the PrizmEFX, which has the colours of the amp follow the output level of the music to pulse with the beat. It definitely makes for a cool light show when the beats are pumping."

"...easy access makes adjustments very simple once the amplifier is installed."

"The gain is adjustable in two ranges...whether using RCA inputs or speaker level inputs...the ranges support them both and make installation easy for aftermarket and factory head units."

"...MTX was also kind enough to include a pair of RCA cables terminated with speaker leads just to make that OE installation even easier."

"...precise tuning can be done to personal tastes."

"Inside the close confines of vehicles, this (Xtant Technologies) cooling method will increase reliability and performance."

"(this is) a quality amp for controlling a multitude of speaker systems."

"Bottom line: this amp exceeds its CEA 2006 rated specs in every measurable rating."

"Your in car-experience with the dynamics of your music will be even more impressive than what we were able to get in our lab."

"MTX has made several bold steps forward with the newest generation of Thunder amplifiers."

"MTX has also set themselves apart in terms of styling with the multi-colour PrizmEFX colour changing graphics, and they have produced a product that not only performs well, but also way beyond its specification, something that is becoming less and less common these days."

"Good work MTX, on a solid amp that can be used by and tailored to anyone’s needs."

Read the article here

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