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MTX Hyundai from Malta awarded "BEST INTERNATIONAL CAR 2005" at Max Power Live

Tuesday 12 July 2005

Sunday 3rd of July the MTX Hyundai Coupe (Tiburon) from Hiperformance was awarded "Best International Car at Max Power Live 2005".

After a long trip from Malta to England via boat and trailer, the MTX Hyundai was presented at Max Power Live 2005 at the NEC in Birmingham. The orange MTX Hyundai caught everybody’s attention showing all its hydraulically moving parts all operated via lap top computer. To the crowd the car looked alive automatically opening the doors, bonnet and boot or automatically lowering the suspension. But the fun didn’t stop there. The car offers DVD, CD and even a Play Station to entertain the public while all the sound emerges from the outstanding MTX install. The speaker system consists of a 2-way component set located in the front doors and another set located beside the backseat for rear fill (5.1 Surround Sound!). In the boot lid a 3-way component set is placed to have music behind the car. The amps: A MTX TH6302 for front, a MTX TH4244 for the rear and boot lid speakers and a MTX TH81000D for the sub are mounted in the trunk in a custom built fiber glass amp rack. Beside the amp rack a reversed mounted 15" MTX T9500 Superwoofer with polished back plate is installed in a custom fiberglass sealed enclosure.

Max Power:"The attention to detail and the perfect blend of tuning, hydraulics and the MTX audio system make this car stand out from the crowd and merits to be The Best International Car at Max Power Live 2005."

Best International Car 2005 at Max Power Live

A shiny engine bay

Seats with MTX logo

The right door install

Cd-changer and playstation

A view from the back

Amps and sub

Amps and sub

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