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New MTX Thunder Axe High-End component sets now available

Monday 18 July 2005

The new MTX Thunder Axe High End Component systems are now shipping throughout Europe.

Thunder Axe High End Components were designed for superior imaging, detail, sound quality, and dynamic range. They have a larger X-max than all other competitors. Featuring glass fiber woofer cones with aluminum deposition and a 25mm Teteron tweeter, The specifically designed crossover distributes the frequencies properly to maximize the musical performance of each driver. Engineered with superior components, the 2-way, bi-ampable, 18dB/octave crossover network is designed for accurate imaging and sound quality. They have been optimized for off-axis or on-axis listening and include a 5 level tunable tweeter network for optimum imaging regardless of tweeter placement or positioning. In addition, the woofer has a 0°, 30°, and 60° off-axis compensation. Said Dan Roemer, VP of Acoustical Engineering, “These components are the best speakers MTX has ever released. These are speakers with the versatility, performance, and reliability that separate the best speakers from those that are just average. Any true audiophile will appreciate these products.” With the addition of the Thunder Axe High-End Component line, MTX offers high performance, installation-friendly solutions. Whether you are upgrading from factory speakers or you are an audiophile looking to build the ultimate mobile sound stage, Thunder Axe High-End Components deliver the ultimate in sound quality.

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