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Black Eyed Peas: Powered by MTX, Xtant and Coustic

Thursday 25 August 2005

Mitek has a history of teaming up with the Hottest artists in the world. After Alice Cooper, Metallica’s James Hetfield, Petey Pablo and Chris Fehn from Slipknot, to name just a few, Mitek now teamed up with the Hottest band around: The Black Eyed Peas!

To get the same "live on stage" music performance in their cars The Peas all chose Mitek products to be installed in their personal cars.

Taboo’s Hummer H2 has a complete MTX system installed: two 12” Thunder 9500 Superwoofers, two Thunder 801D amplifiers, two Thunder 564 amplifiers, one Thunder 502 amplifier and MTX Component speakers

Fergie’s H2 has a Xtant/MTX install: four new Xtant X2 10” woofers, two X1001 amplifiers, one X604 amplifier and MTX component speakers.

Will.i.am’s H2 is black with an abundance of carbon fiber, which means Coustic was his choice of amps and subs: four 12” Coustic CF1204 woofers, four Coustic 800S amplifiers: one for each sub and a Coustic 800Q amplifier to power the MTX component speakers. Will’s H2 also has a computer with a 10” touch screen monitor installed in the dash which also offers full internet access.

Only Apl.de.ap’s H2 is not installed yet more on his Hummer at a later date.

All Hummers are wired completely with Streetwires. Martin Aguilar from Mobile Works did the installs on all four H2’s.

Taboo’s subs and amps

Taboo and installer Martin

Fergie’s amps and subs

Fergie and installer Martin

Will.i.am’s Subs and amps

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