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JackHammer on MTV’s Pimp My Ride

The biggest sub on earth made a Thundering arrival oin the most popular show on MTV

Saturday 6 August 2005

The T9922-44, alias JackHammer, just made a thundering arrival on MTV’s Pimp My Ride !

The biggest subwoofer ever made (160 kilos...) just blown everyone in less than a second (nevertheless, 60 hits :)) Now They know what we are capable of...

For the one’s that never heard about Pimp My Ride (don’t live on earth maybe ;)), Pimp My Ride is a crazy programme where a guy sees he’s garbage car turned into a wonderfull coach (like in Cindrella !:()

- More about Pimp My Ride and JackHammer

There is a new site dedicated to the T9922-44
- http://thetrue22.com It’s Crazyyyyyy !!

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