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TeamASC : 160,2dB highest SPL ever reached with 4x 12" MTX Woofers

TeamASC and MTX dominated dBdrag at Landgraaf, Netherlands

Monday 29 August 2005

Sunday August 28th. TeamASC together with Frans and his Moped Car made sure MTX was heard and seen at the Automaxx dBdrag event in Landgraaf, the Netherlands.

During a nice sunny day in the South of the Netherlands a constant "Roar of Thunder" could be heared during the Automaxx dBdrag event in Landgraaf. TeamASC’s Edijan and Arno’s Fiat Panda were Nonstop demonstrating the awesome power of 8x T7512 Superwoofers in one Giant Sledgehammer enclosure. Playing music all day long hammering each bass note onto each and every person that was curious where that "Roar of Thunder" came from.

Frans with his Mopedcar had also joined the fun by showing the awesome bass of his Sledgehammer 9500, nobody expected so much bass from such a small vehicle. Frans actually posted the highest dB number with his Sledgehammer in the MiniStreet A class but this was a unofficial score since Frans does not have a real car...

But TeamASC had some cards up their sleeves as well! MTX Girl running a Sledgehammer with dual 10" T4500 woofers powered by a TH8302 secured a second place in Ministreet A. Followed by Bianca securing a third place in Ministreet A with 1x MTX T61044 woofer mounted in a vented enclosure powered by a TH81000D in her Ford Ka. Than TeamASC’s newest competition member Oscar rolled his Nissan into the lanes packed with two Massive T8500 15" woofers in a specially for his car designed Sledgehammer enclosure. Oscar took first place with more than 6dB difference in Ministreet C hitting 143,7dB! Now a note should be taken that Ministreet is measured while all competitors play Bass music for 30 seconds! So Oscar hit a average of 143,7dB playing music! But the best was still to come..... TeamASC’s Erik quietly rolled his SPL Fiat Panda into the lanes for the final run in Streetmax 3-4. Four MTX T8500 12" woofers waiting relaxed and calm to show what power lies in them in a matter of minutes.... Than the headjudge anounces: "Ready, Set, Go, 30 seconds to post your highest score!" The first team fires up their Panda scoring 159dB. Than Erik from TeamASC unleashes the THUNDER: 160,2dB! The crowd goes silence this is unbelievable 160,2dB with four 12" Superwoofers with 12Volt s battery system.... TeamASC showed again who are the masters of SPL and wich products are needed to do the job!

A great day for MTX thanks to TeamASC and Frans with his Moped car.

Where is that "Roar of Thunder" coming from?

The amps creating the "Roar of Thunder"

The Giant Sledgehammer creating the "Roar of Thunder"

Bye Bye second windshield....

Yes, it is really cracked!

The Moped car from Frans

MTX girl’s SLHT4510x2A

MTX girl’s Trunk

Could this be the car from MTX girl????? ;-)

Bianca’s T61044 in vented enclosure

Bianca’s sub with TH81000d behind it

Oscar’s special Sledgehammer with 2x T8515-44 Superwoofers

Erik’s MTX SPL Panda

The Amprack of the Erik’s Panda packed with TH1501D Amps

4x T8512-44 waiting for there moment of glory

A look onto the Wall inside the SPL Panda

Erik and TeamASC preparing for Battle

Erik and TeamASC in the lanes ready to unleash the THUNDER!

And the winner is!

What a Superwoofer!

TeamASC in front of the 2 most talked about Panda’s of the day

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