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TeamASC raises the bar again... 161,1dB in Streetmax 3-4 with 4x T8512-44

Tuesday 20 September 2005

Almere, September 18th TeamASC rolls in with 5 MTX competition cars. A Rolling Thunder to be more precise.

Nobody had a clue what was about to happen. The excitement began when Team ASC took first place trophies in: Ministreet A, Ministreet B and Ministreet C together with a third place trophy in Ministreet B as well. The Ministreet category is different from other dB Drag categories, you have to play music to reach your highest SPL. And nothing can beat the MTX woofers when housed in a properly designed SledgeHammer enclosure!

But then it was time for the MTX SPL Panda to show its power in the Streetmax 3-4 class. Only a few weeks ago Team ASC posted 160,2dB, the highest score ever reached with four MTX 12" woofers. Is it possible to go even louder??? The answer is: YES! When Erik from Team ASC unleashed the Thunder from the MTX Panda driving thousands of pure MTX Watts from eight MTX TH1501D amplifiers into four Thunder8500 12" woofers everybody was shocked when a fantastic score of 161,1dB appeared on the meter.

For Team ASC and MTX there are No Limits!

TeamASC with there cars

Winning install MiniStreet B: 2x T7512, 2x TH1501D

Winning install MiniStreet B

Third place install MiniStreet B: 2x T7512, 1x TH81000D

Winning install Ministreet A: 1x T7512, 1x TH1501D

Amp rack MTX SPL Panda

The four T8512 Superwoofers of the MTX SPL Panda

Winning install MiniStreet C: 2x T8515, 2x TH1501D

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