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New Mini

Sound and Sign - Austria

Thursday 17 November 2005

This New Mini from Sound & Sign has a true MTX heart that rocks the car and everything around it!

Austrian MTX distributor Sound & Sign has turned this New Mini into a Hot and Loud MTX demonstration car. Sound & Signs top installer Martin really went to extremes to create something special out of this car. He placed the amps for the front and rear speakers in the backs of the frontseats with custom made amp covers on the back of the seats. The subwoofer enclosure and subwoofer amps have replaced the backseat. The entire car was build using MDF Fiberglass and the finishing touch was a cool airbrush job.

the system:
- 2x T9510-44 Superwoofers in custom build Sledgehammer enclosures
- 1x THS652 component set for front speakers
- 1x T6.6 convertible speakers for rear fill
- 1x TH564 amp powering the front speakers
- 1x TH564 amp Powering the rear fill
- 2x TH1501D amps powering the Subsystem
- Wiring and Accecoires from Streetwires
- Alpine Headunit/DVD-player with 7" TFT flip screen
- Alpine EQ
- 17" TFT screen in the back on top of the subwoofer enclosure

THS652 mid about to fitted into one of the doors

front seat prepared for installing an amplifier

amplifier fitted to the back of the front seat

custom made cover for the back of the front seat

custom back for the seat covered in vynil ready to be installed

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