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Mitek at Car + Sound 2006 in Sinsheim Germany

Friday 14 April 2006

The annual industry favorite event, the Sinsheim Car + Sound Fair in Germany took place from April 6th to 9th.

Mitek Europe was present with an impressive booth : actually i twas the biggest stand we’ve ever had. On display was to be found : "Jack"- The nightmare for all other woofers, the new Coustic line as well as the new MTX XThunder range of products and some incredible demo vehicles from Northern Ireland, Austria, Germany and France. The hottest episode of MTV’s Pimp My Ride featuring the JackHammer was shown on a Plasma screen. And for consumption purposes... none other than the real MTX Energy drink from Austria. Throughout the show people were simply pulled towards the booth as if there was a big Magnet... No wonder ! Ever seen a magnet like Jack’s?

The award winning Renault 19 built by Audio Advice from Northern Ireland turned out to be so impressive that the sound did not even need to be turned up loud because visitors went silent after seeing this impressive install and paint job. The system includes 10 x MTX T7512-04 Superwoofers, MTX TXC highend components, 5 x MTX TA5302 amps and 5 x MTX TA5601 amps all wired with Streetwires.

There was also the Mini from Sound and Sign, Austria with a complete new install featuring a MTX T7512-44 Superwoofer in a custom vented fiberglass enclosure powered by an MTX TA5601 amp and a MTX TXC6.1 high-end component set in the front powered by a MTX TA5302 amp. The amps are mounted in the backs of the seats along with a Streetwires powercaps. An excellent straight forward system that proved also simple can sound awesome.

From Germany, we had Team Klangwerk present their BMW 3 series Touring with a smashing Sledgehammer install. MTX TXC4.1 and MTX TXC6.0 high-end components in the front and MTX THX502 coaxials in the rear powered by a MTX TA7804 amp and an MTX SLHT7510x2D Sledgehammer enclosure powered by an MTX TA91002 amp. The install sounded so good that Team Klangwerk had their hands full giving demos to all the people visiting the Mitek booth.

And from Pro Styling, France a nice Mercedes SLK with Lambo doors and a clean install with 2 x MTX MXA3002 amps powering front and rear speakers, 1 x MTX MXA8001 powering the woofers, 2x MTX MXS1004 Superwoofers in a vented enclosure, MTX THS652 components in the front and THX653 coaxials in the rear. The complete car was finished using beautiful yellow and black Alcantara leather in line with the color theme of the entire car.

A great show was had by all!

The award winning R19

R19 build by Audio Advice

R19’s incredible interior

R19 door panel

R19’s incredible paint job, interior roof painting

R19 amp rack

R19 amp installed in front of the sub enclosure

R19 sub enclosure

New XThunder subs

New XThunder speakers

New Coustic subs

New Coustic speakers

Banner from Staff Austria

The Mini from Austria

Amps mounted in the seats of the Mini

MTX TXC6.1 midwoofer mounted in the door of the Mini

Custom A-pilars with the TXC tweeter in the Mini

MTX Energy drink found everywhere also in the Mini

Custom sub enclosure in the Mini

Meet Jack

Everyone wants to meet Jack

SLK build by Pro Styling from France

The SLK interior with amp mounted in the floor

Amp mounted behind the seats in the SLK

SLK trunk install

Meet Team Klangwerk from Germany

BMW from Team Klangwerk

TXC kickbass and mid in the door of the BMW

Sledgehammer and amp install of the BMW

Claudia from Team Klangwerk with the R19

Lots of traffic on the Mitek booth

Yes everyone likes Jack

Who wants a MTX energy drink???

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