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14 March 2011


Michigan - USA

At Michigan Tech, this year’s Winter Carnival theme revolves around books, so there’s Harry Potter, "The Little Engine That Could," and a ten-foot-tall toilet celebrating the childhood classic "Everybody Poops." The sculpture that catches our eye, however, has nothing to do with (...)
18 January 2011

MTX at CES2011

Jan 7th - 10th was the time for the 2011 CES in Las Vegas USA. And of course MTX was present with a big booth. This year CES saw many people visiting and all were very impressed with the new products MTX has to offer for 2011. For 2011 MTX introduced new T8000 subs for the US as well as a (...)
8 December 2010

Check out the first ever Bassride with 24" Jacckhammer

19 November 2010

Sneak peak at the newest Bassride!

The newest MTX BASSRIDE comes from Finland. MTX distributor for Finland JJ Hifi makes a statement and installed a Jackhammer 24 in a Hummer. More on this awesome ride soon! For now just this one picture.
14 October 2010

Europian Champion EMMA ESPL 2010

At the EMMA European finals 2010 held in Rotterdam on September 9th + 11th Ronald and his Vectra sporting a serious MTX install managed to become European champion 2010 in the EMMA ESPL Experienced 4 Plus class. Becoming EU champion is one thing but Ronald is the EU champion for the second (...)
14 October 2010

MTX in first ever Dacia Logan convertible

From MTX distributor in Romania, Tornado Trade we received news about the Romanian car brand Dacia. The first ever build Dacia Logan Convertible is using MTX speakers. This exclusive convertible is painted white and has received a white leather interior. For all who can read Romanian : link (...)
16 September 2010

MTX Buggy

3 August 2010

Turn it upside down, Venezuela, MTX.....PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If there is a Country in the world where they know how to party with MTX it has to be Venezuela! There are no words that can better describe what is going on there than the pics from the 2010 Motorfest! See how the turned all upside down (FOR REAL!) and had a big (...)
30 July 2010

Meet Eliseo : Jack Addict from Italy!

19 July 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different!

30 June 2010

Follow us on... FaceBook !

To be sure that you are not going to miss any new product, any new crazy demo car or any MTX event, just follow us on FaceBook... http://www.facebook.com/pages/MTXEurope It’s a THUNDER world
30 June 2010

Follow us on... Twitter !

To be sure that you are not going to miss any new product, any new crazy demo car or any MTX event, just follow us on Twitter... http://www.twitter.com/MTXEurope It’s a THUNDER world
31 May 2010

New 15" subwoofer in the ROADTHUNDER line

Once you go with 15" for your bass you will never go back to anything smaller! Try the new RT15-04 and you know what we mean. A subwoofer designed to be the best value 15" you can buy. Yes it is our entry level subwoofer and yes it therefore is our cheapest 15" subwoofer. Yet it is also (...)
31 May 2010

RT10AS enclosure now available

Do you have limited trunk space? Do you want serious Bass? Look no further! Now available the all new RT10AS subwoofer enclosure loaded with a RT10-04 subwoofer. The RT10AS is a sealed enclosure that measures only half the volume of a RT12AV or RT12DV. It is designed to be powered by an (...)
27 May 2010

The Sound of Thunder - 2010 MTX Brochure

The new 2010 MTX brochure is now available for download. Have a look at the entire European MTX product range for 2010. The new Jackhammer 24. The new square subs in the THUNDER8000 and THUNDER6000 lines. The incredible new ROADTHUNDER and THUNDER6000 component sets and coaxials. The new (...)
21 May 2010

SF-Shop booth at FullSpeed

Rosmalen - Netherlands

MTX dealer SF-Shop was present with a great booth at FullSpeed 2010 in Rosmalen. SF-Shop could clearly be found by the full MTX booth he created. Two demo cars lots of products on display and an energetic crew gave a great positive vibe. To make a visit extra special SF-Shop held a real MTX (...)
21 April 2010

MTX Show Panda from Poland

Check out this cool looking Panda from Poland! Small car, HUGE sound! Of course with Video! More details from this Panda
4 March 2010

New MTX THUNDER6000 speakers

THUNDER6000 speakers have a tough job replacing the old THX and THS lines. Since the introduction of THX and THS these speakers turned out to be one of the top selling MTX speaker lines. With incredible price/performance ratio. No wonder it took MTX engineers years to come up with worthy (...)
4 March 2010


For the first time in the history of MTX there is an over complete entry level speaker line up. Replacing the entire XTHUNDER speaker line is the new ROADTHUNDER speaker line. Including a complete Coaxial line up from 10cm 2-way up to 20cm 3-way Coaxials with power ranges upto 300W. New to the (...)
4 March 2010

New MTX Sledgehammer enclosures

After the tremendous succes of the original slotported enclosure from MTX : The SLEDGEHAMMER. MTX introduces for Europe the second generation of Sledgehammer enclosures. The new Sledgehammers are "unloaded" which means they will come without the woofers, so you can choose which MTX subwoofer (...)
2 February 2010

The Best of MTX Vol.1

No Introduction. No Explanation. Just Music and Video!
25 January 2010

From MTX Customer to MTX Dealer

Clint has always been a huge fan of MTX. Before Clint even had his drivers license he already knew exactly what audio system he wanted in his future car! When the drivers lincense finally was his the next step was a nice car with the audio of his dreams. And what dreams he had! Starting with (...)
2 December 2009

MTX Fight Night III, Jan 8th 2010 Las Vegas

Date: Friday Jan 8th 2010 Location : Riviera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas NV Get ready for MTX Fight Night III. The event everybody will talk about during CES2010.
4 November 2009

European Streetwires website launched

Streetwires now connects to the European streets introducing new products designed to fit the needs of the European markets. With the introduction of these new Streetwires products a dedicated European website is launched to give all the info and support needed. The new Streetwires website is (...)
2 November 2009

MTX new leaflet (October 2009)

Here is the new MTX leaflet with the new Powered tubes, the new SledgeHammer, the new RoadTHUNDER subwoofers and... all the new RT and T6 speakers !!! Enjoy :)
20 October 2009

MTX install in new VW Passat

30 September 2009

MTX Compact Bass Solution, Now Available

Today the need for powerful accurate bass is stronger than ever befor! OEM systems and small cars do not make it easy to get some real bass in your ride. After introducing the party packs earlier MTX now introduces a new bass solution: Vented Powered Tubes! A compact solution that will fit in (...)
29 September 2009

New ROADTHUNDER Subs Now Available

After the succes of the RT12AV, RT12DV Enclosures and the RTP1000, RTP2000 Party Packs MTX is proud to announce that the RT Subwoofers are now also available without an enclosure. With a Bass performance never seen before in an entry level line these ROADTHUNDER subwoofers take the lead. Build (...)
22 July 2009

MTX party in Edinburgh (UK)

Celsus new distributor for MTX in the UK teamed up with Audio Advice leading car audio installers in the UK to create an MTX party in Edinburgh Scottland. Sunday July 19th was the day Scottland was treated to a real MTX party. MTX demo cars build by Audio Advice were all connected to the DJ (...)
19 June 2009

Party with MTX


In Venezuela they really know how to PARTY with MTX. Words can simply not describe it you have to see it to believe it! So lets do it with video: Video and Music created by RezZWerX @ Stratos Studios
27 May 2009

Audiocom MTX Training

Kristiansand - Norway

From May 7th till May 9th Mtx distributor for Norway organized a big training in Kristiansand for all their dealers. Dealers were introduced to the newest products and technologies from MTX. New EU THUNDER amps, the new T6000 and T8000 round and square woofers, T8000 separates and last but not (...)
19 May 2009

THUNDER6000 Round subs now available

Designed by the same Mad Scientists who designed the Jackhammer. And if you look closely you can actually see these new subs have the same shape and familiar look as the original T9922 Jackhammer. With the new THUNDER6000 round subs you can be sure they will play insane LOUD and longer than (...)
24 April 2009

Car+Sound in Cologne

Car+Sound Show - Cologne (Germany) - April 16th - 19th 2009

Since 2004 MTX has been present at the annual Car + Sound show in Germany. And of course in 2009 MTX was there and stronger than ever. Introducing the New T6000 Round subwoofers, new ROADTHUNDER subwoofers and ROADTHUNDER dual 12" enclosure and an entire range of STREETWIRES products developed (...)
22 April 2009

New MTX 2009 brochure

Here it is ! The new MTX "Sound Of THUNDER" 2009 brochure includes all the new products (Square T6 T8, Round T8, THUNDER amps, RoadThunder amps, etc), and even some new stuff not yet available (T6 round subs, RoadTHUNDER subs, RoadTHUNDER dual 12" enclosure, etc). Gotta check it out (...)
23 March 2009

Introducing The JackHammer2 24", Size matters

Engineers at MTX are often metioned as "The Mad Scientists" and are known for their wicked different way of thinking. So what happens when they are caught up in a discussion if size matters?... They will prove to the world that : Size matters! In 2005 they already made a huge statement by (...)
17 March 2009

New Square subs available now

MTX is proud to anounce that Bass will never be the same again! Bass reproduction is taken to the next level with the introduction of the brand new THUNDER6000 and THUNDER8000 square subwoofers. Using patented technologies (US Patent #7,275,620) to optimize cone excursion, in other words the (...)
27 January 2009

RTP1000 and RTP2000 Party packs

New in the 2008 RoadThunder line are the Party Packs RTP1000 and RTP2000. What is a Party Pack? Well its exactly what it says... One box (one pack) that makes you ready to party! Each Party Pack is a RoadThunder 12" vented enclosure teamed up with a perfect matchin RoadThunder amplifier. Or (...)
20 January 2009

Zanetti Hi-Fi new show room inauguration

Bergamo - Italy - Septemer 29th 2008

Umberto and Onorino Zanetti created something exclusive. As always pictures can say 1000 words and video even more! In short they created the car audio retail store of the future! So two thumbs way way up for Umberto and Onorino Zanetti for their incredible new way of promoting sound (...)
17 December 2008

TH1500D "ABSOLUTE TOP CLASS" according to German magazine Car&Hifi

The brand new TH1500D Class-D mono block amplifier was tested by one of the leading caraudio magazines in Europe: Car & Hifi from Germany. Some quotes from the test: "With the name MTX for many people the word "Bass" comes to mind...." "Many people for sure know the legendary Jackhammer, (...)
8 December 2008

New 2008 ROADTHUNDER Amps available now!

The new 2008 ROADTHUNDER Amps are now available in Europe. This new entry level line of amps will set new standards for low priced amps. Packed with MTX technologies sprung from the minds of the MAD SCIENTISTS from the Mitek R & D department. The line is build up out of 1 Fullrange Mono (...)
18 November 2008

MTX MMA Fight Night II "Evolution" - Jan. 9th 2009

Riviera Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas

For the second time MTX organises an officially sanctioned MMA event : Fight Night II " Evolution". MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and during Fight Night II twelve MMA fights are scheduled. The event will take place at the Riviera Hotel and Casino January 9th 2009 in Las Vegas Nevada. (...)
17 November 2008

MTX Training in Iran, the second ever car audio training

October 27th Jam corporation MTX distributor for Iran organized a big training in Teheran for their best MTX dealers. The training was organized at the same time as the Motor Sport show 2008, a car audio and tuning event held in the mountains of Teheran. Car audio is special in Iran and having (...)
14 November 2008

New 2008 THUNDER Amps available now!

The new 2008 THUNDER Amps are now available in Europe. This incredible new amps line will put a whole new meaning to the THUNDER. With brand new technologies and patents this line is the best line of amps to ever be created by the MAD SCIENTISTS from the Mitek R & D department. The line is (...)
22 October 2008

THUNDER8000 Speakers now available

The new THUNDER8000 speaker line is now available in Europe. This incredible new speaker line will change the way Music is experienced. With an emphasis on Absolute High Sound Quality but in the same time this new line is able to withstand High Power and play insane loud maintaining the (...)
17 September 2008

MTX Seminar for Russian dealers

During the weekend of September 13th Bonanza MTX distributor for Russia organized a special seminar for all there best car audio dealers near Alanya in Turkey. Dealers were presented with the extensive history of MTX/Mitek and found out about what is coming from MTX in the near future. During (...)
26 August 2008

Mission 22 now Active!

As reported on December 5th 2007 Audio Advice from the UK were playing around with a new idea called "Mission 22". Check the report from Dec 5th Now we can report that "Mission 22" is fully active and a very mch alive project. What is Mission 22 all about? Well basicly it is putting back the (...)
25 August 2008


The new MTX ROADTHUNDER enclosure RT12AV was recently tested by MAXPOWER Magazine from the UK. Test outcome: Best subwoofer between £100 and £150!!!!! The RT12AV is the first product from the new 2009 MTX ROADTHUNDER line. ROADTHUNDER will be an entry level line with lots of cool products, (...)
25 August 2008

THUNDER8000 Round subwoofers now available

The new THUNDER8000 round subwoofers are now available in Europe. This incredible new line of subs will be replacing the lines THUNDER7500 and THUNDER8500. Have a closer look at these new subs with hot new features like: Tripple stacked magnets Glassfiber cones Dual 2 and dual 4 Ohm (...)
25 August 2008

MTX at Streetlife show

Birmingham - UK

In the weekend of 5 - 6 July the first Streetlife show was held in Birmingham UK. UK MTX distributor BBG was present with smashing MTX demo cars and new products on display. If your attention was not grabbed by one of the MTX cars beautiful model Natalya made sure you did not mis out on (...)
1 July 2008

Wiwa Sound + JS Auto + Crazy Car Calw, better than Pimp My Ride

Wiwa Sound - Germany

Pimp My Ride drove into a dead end in the US, snif :( But the spirit remains ! On this side of the Ocean there is even more creativity! Just look at the video below from the crazy team at Wiwa Sound. Now that is Pimping an old mashed up VW Beetle into a Cool Ride ready for the future. Great (...)

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